Meh One Day Birthday Rosé (Full or Half Case)

  • Happy birthday to us!
  • Handpicked Vintage 2019 by the experts over at Casemates
  • You will receive a $25 Coupon Code good through 12/31/2022 for first time customers at Casemates
  • Coupons will be sent via email no later than July 15
  • If Rosé is not your bag, they have a great Malbec available today
  • These will ship the week of July 25 via 2 Day Freight to better protect the wine
  • Full case is 12 bottles, half case is 6
  • How does this celebrate shows from the 1990s that star (or at least feature) David Duchovny: It does’t, so you better head over to Mediocritee
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Eight Great Years

It’s weird what your brain deems as a ‘big day.’ The day a show is set to come to streaming. The day an album or video game will release. The day of the Super Bowl. Ten-cent wing night. Taco Tuesday. There’s a good chance that you think about these days all week, eagerly anticipating the joy and excitement they’ll bring.

And then there are other, inarguably more important days that just… sort of… slip by. A sibling’s birthday. The day of your friend’s engagement dinner. The day of a retirement ceremony. The day of the annual family reunion.

What do you do when this happens? When you’re busy planning your order from the wing place or the taco shop and an actual important day sneaks right up on you?

It’s simple: you put on a decent shirt and a clean pair of pants and you grab a bottle of wine on the way to the dinner or the party or the cookout.

And so, to celebrate Meh’s eighth birthday in a way befitting our shoulder shrug of a name (as well as our unending devotion to the classic deal-a-day model) we chose to do the same: get a bottle of wine and call it a day.

Actually, we decided to call it One Day, The Casemates Curation One Day Rosé.

With its brilliant pink hue and a palate bursting with vibrant red fruit flavors, it’s the perfect way to celebrate those singular days as well as our singular approach to ecommerce, offering just one sale every twenty-four hours.

But wait? Can one thing be a celebration of two singular things? Eh, who cares, amirite? It’s wine. Just pour a glass and enjoy yourself.

Anyway, happy birthday to us! And happy birthday, or happy anniversary, or happy day off, or happy new-video-game day, or happy whatever to you too!

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