May the 4th Tee With You

  • We sure hope these shirts help boost this obscure film franchise
  • Screen-printed!
  • Each one features a unique head hole as well as two bonus arm holes
  • You hear about the new bounty-hunter-themed place that’s gonna sell Taiwanese drinks and Greek cheese? Yeah, it’s called “Boba/Feta”
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Tee Up Some Bad Jokes

Some “holidays” that didn’t catch on like ‘May the Fourth’ for some reason:

“I am your Feb Third.” (February 3rd)

“Threes aren’t the droids you’re looking four.” (March 4th)

“Two… or two not. There is Nov try.” (November 22nd)

“The fas-tenth hunk of June-k in the galaxy.” (June 10th)

“This is the w-eighth.” (The 8th of every other month)

“Fifth’s a Tr’ap(ril)!” (April 5th)

“Never tell three the odds-sober.” (October 3rd)

“In a galaxy, four four, oh-eight.” (April 4th, 2008)

“It’s the ship that made the Kessel one in less than twelve parsecs.” (November 1st [because it’s less than twelve, so it wouldn’t be December])

“Help me, Obi-One Kenobi. Four my only hope.” (January 4th)

“That’s no moon.” (Any night there’s a new moon)

“Months Eight-sley, you will never find a more wretched five of scum and villainy.” (August 5th)

“Stand together, die together. Let your death be the final third in the story of rebelli-one.” (January 3rd)

“I find your lack of eighth disturbing.” (The 8th of any month you aren’t celebrating “This is the w-eighth”)

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