Lotus Biscoff & GO Cookie Butter and Breadsticks Snack Packs (Pack of 8)

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  • The crunchy cookies are ground into a smooth spread
  • Then you dip crispy breadsticks into them
  • Perfect for celebrating today’s holiday
  • Can they make a margarita: No, today we are celebrating a different green substance
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4/20 Is A Food Holiday

Ah. Some snacks. For sale on 4/20. For $4.20.

You’re probably thinking: Oh, Meh, you sly dogs. You’re clearly offering some stoner snacks in an attempt to drum up a little buzz among various online weed-centric communities, and maybe even subtly trying to get someone on, say, r/trees to post about it, driving traffic and sales to your site.

And you’d be partially right. As in: we’re definitely trying to get r/trees to post about us, but there’s absolutely no subtlety involved.

Is it lame to debase ourselves before a lively group of online weirdos? To try and use the community that they built organically, in the name of a shared love–the growing and/or smoking (or eating; or drinking) of cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis–in order to fill our coffers and achieve our capitalist dreams? And is it equally lame that we copied those above varieties of cannabis straight from Wikipedia?

Yes. It is all definitely lame.

But also, consider this: cookie butter!

Now, to the unencumbered mind, this is a ridiculous product. You get crunchy breadsticks, to dip into a smooth spread, that is itself made from cookies that were once, but are no longer, crunchy themselves. So why not just skip the effort and buy some Biscoff cookies?

Again, this is what you think if you consider the situation soberly. But when you’ve elevated your thought process via marijuana, these become a delightful puzzle, one that’ll satisfy the palate and the mind. After all, they provide a variety of philosophical quandaries. Such as: is ‘butter’ a substance, or is it the process of grinding? And how does one trace butter’s lineage from the dairy sticks to jars of semi-liquid, semi-solid speculoos?

Point is, you weed-heads will love it. So, feel free to buy it. And also to post about it. Feel free to do that too.

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