4-Pack: Live Better Raw Organic Greens Blend (8oz each, 32oz total)

456 total servings
$0.04 per serving

  • Packed with organic kelp, chlorella, and spirulina sourced from non-GMO suppliers
  • “Super greens are species of microalgae or seaweed that help to support overall vitality”
  • That means: they healthy!
  • Add a scoop to your green smoothie or recipes to make 'em even greener
  • Is it a streaming show that’s been adapted from a video game that’s been adapted from a series of fantasy novels: no, but if that’s your thing, check out Mediocritee (And yes, we know you could say the show is adapted from the books too; we’re just goofing here, okay?)
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Buy Green, Save Green

It would be great if you could just commit to making healthier choices and then get the stuff you need to make them. You know, buy in mentally before you buy in with actual money.

But let’s be real here. This isn’t how it goes.

In many cases, the purchase of the thing you need to make healthier choices comes first, with the hope that financial buy-in will spur mental buy-in. After all, if you spend a bunch of money on a new piece of exercise equipment or a fancy meal service, the guilt will be so immense that you’ll be bound to follow through.


Not necessarily.

The bigger the expenditure, the heavier the guilt. And the heavier the guilt, the bigger the commitment required to counterbalance it. The bigger the commitment, the easier it is to justify putting off getting started. Like, one workout a week on that thing isn’t enough. And if you skip one meal from that meal service, what’s the point of making any of them? It’s flawed logic, but you don’t realize it. And so you spend your time not only not making the healthy choices you wanted to make, but feeling stupid for not making those healthy choices.

What does this have to do with this Live Better Raw Organic Superfoods Marine Greens Drink Supplement we’re selling today? Everything.

Let’s say you wanted to replace your usual bowl of garbage cereal with a healthy green smoothie. You could drop $19 and get a bunch of this stuff that’s loaded with all sorts of kelp, chlorella, and spirulina (aka, some real healthy-ass stuff) to take said green smoothie to the next level. Then, you could feature it prominently in your cupboard, where it’ll serve as a reminder of your commitment. And yet, once again, you didn’t even spend 20 bucks on this stuff. So you won’t be racked with guilt if you don’t use it, which, in turn, will mean you’ll be willing to try and make one green smoothie. And once you make one, you’ll realize that, despite them looking like cups of swamp water, they’re actually pretty tasty! And then you’ll be hooked.

What we’re saying is: by selling this… we’re maybe health gurus now?

Okay, no. But still. It’s a good deal.

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