60-Pack: KN95 Non-Medical Respirator Face Masks

  • A 60-pack of KN95 masks for a price that’ll make you smile
  • You might not smile. Masks aren’t that fun.
  • We can’t tell if you’re smiling anyway. (Because of the mask.)
  • You get (20) resealable bags with 3 masks each
  • Model: 5M1L1N6-0PT10N4L
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Restock your Masks

We like our masks like we like our coffee—strong, effective, and around $0.33 each.

Though you can’t really get coffee that cheap any more. Even crappy fast food coffee has creeped way past the once-reliable $1 mark and the only thing cheaper than that is the sludgy stuff you get at the oil change place and that’s only because it’s free and probably just came out of someone’s Dodge Stratus.

But still, masks and coffee do have a lot in common:

  • They’re both largely responsible for keeping humanity alive.

  • Each is off-putting at first but then super natural once you get used to it.

  • Both are effective compromises when what you really want is to stay as far away from other people as possible.

Oh, and in the case of both coffee and masks, everything is easier if you stock up and get a hefty supply before you need it. Having a stockpile of beans or grounds or k-cups or shudder instant coffee mix in the kitchen is the best way to avoid wasting money buying drive-through. And having a fat stack of masks on the table by the door is the best way to make sure you’re prepared for the day when you go out and about.

Which is ironic because before 2020, one of the most significant plagues of our lifetime was that period in the 90s when green coffee shops with mermaid logos spread to approximately every street corner in the entire freaking world. (Don’t worry, after 20 years of fighting that particular scourge, there’s only like 80 percent as many now. Keep it up, home brewers…)

So if you need a cup of coffee, go make yourself one. If you need to replenish your mask supply, we’ve got you covered.

You get 60 for $20. Just order already, okay?

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