Libratone TOO 360° 30-Watt Bluetooth Speaker

  • Crisp 360 degree 30-watt sound
  • Endlessly grab-able, super portable
  • Splash proof, so you can bring it to the beach or the pool without worrying
  • Danish as all hell
  • Fun colors
  • Model: L18R4-T0N1-KUK0C
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We know what you’re thinking: Wow, another Libratone speaker. I bet Meh will just quote a few glowing reviews and call it a day. But that’s NOT what we’re going to do today!

Lol, JK. Of course we’re just going to quote some good reviews. In fact, that’s what we should do, maybe even what we have to do. After all, you can’t build your empire selling earbuds for $15 and laxative stroopwaffels and several pounds of melted candy corn (with a knife!) and then turn around and be like, “Oh, yeah, this speaker we’re selling for $59 is really good, and you need to just trust us.”

That’d be ridiculous.

That’s why we’re turning to some more trustworthy voices. Like David Ludlow, writing for TechRadar. Ludlow gives a thorough rundown of the features in his review, even analyzing the strength of the LED light that indicates whether the speaker is charging:

The lights are a little tricky to see outside, and slightly brighter LEDs would have been good. As it stands, you may need to cup a hand around the Libratone logo to see the charge status on the brightest of days.

He finds that, while the sound is strong for a portable bluetooth speaker, the bass can struggle a little bit at high volumes. Still, the Libratone is a good option, so he gives it 4 out 5 stars and concludes:

A refined and stylish Bluetooth speaker, the Libratone Too looks great and has some neat features, such as the innovative (if not fiddly) touch controls. Clean audio delivered out in a 360-degree radius isn’t to be sniffed at either, but the bigger issue is that the competition at this price is exceptionally strong.

Michael Brown, writing for TechHive, feels almost exactly the same. The 360 degree sound, he says, is very impressive:

This was particularly noticeable on the Talking Heads track “Mommy Daddy You and I,” from the band’s final studio album Naked. The track opens with a laid-back Tina Weymouth bass groove that’s quickly joined by the drone of an accordion and electric guitar accents. The guitars sound lusciously full, and as David Byrne’s vocals enter the picture, you never lose track of them—nor the accordion, the percussion, or any of the other instruments.

Ultimately, though, he gives the speaker a 3.5/5 rating, coming to much the same conclusion as Ludlow:

Very high-quality sound from a small package, but its price tag brings the principle of diminishing returns to mind.

And here’s the turn you knew was coming, the part where we say, “But we’re selling it for much cheaper than that!” So, here you go:

But we’re selling it for much cheaper than that!

Like, for less than half as much, in fact. TechRadar lists $119 as the price. TechHive says $149. Amazon still sells it for $129. We’re selling it for $59. And so, many of the complaints listed here, while totally valid with a price tag solidly in the 3-figure range, become superfluous at a much lower cost.

In conclusion, this speaker is very good. 5 out of 5 from us.

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