Liberex 4-in-1 Precision Cordless Hair Trimmer

  • The haircut that you pay for? It’s probably not that complicated
  • (Especially if you’re a basic dude)
  • But, these work on people who don’t have basic dude haircuts too!
  • Model: TR1M0THY-D4LT0N
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Ah, February 2020! A time when dudes everywhere still had their hubris intact!

They’d go to salons. Or they’d go to hipster barber shops where they could drink a cold IPA and watch in the mirror as a tattooed stylist frowned their way through a $30 cut. Yes, thought these dudes, this is what I need! The touch of a true professional! For my distinctive style cannot be left in the hands of just anyone!

Then, well, you know what happened.

But the dudes? They weren’t willing to give up their hubris just yet. No, they let their hair grow wild while they waited for things to clear up so that they might be reunited with their hairdresser. They posted photos on social media, showing their wild, unkempt manes. They took pride in their shagginess.

But things did not improve quickly enough, and dudes everywhere learned that their long hair did not make them look like one of the band members in an early Kings of Leon press photo. More accurately, they each looked like a Royal Astronomer of Leon, one who had spent too long looking through his telescope at a faint glimmer of light where no star should be, his studies taking priority over hygiene, leaving his locks greasy and wild.

At this point, the dudes could not wait. They needed relief. They needed a cut. Just a trim to bide their time. And so they bought a pair of clippers like this one from Liberex, and they had their spouse or their significant other or their roommate go to work. And it was then that they learned the hard truth: the thing they paid for so often, the thing that they thought was the work of a true artist, their entirely unique haircut–it could be done by just about anyone with the right hardware.

But, on the plus side: they saved a lot of money doing haircuts at home, and the conversation was generally better.

So, maybe consider getting yourself some clippers for easy trims without leaving the house.

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