K-Cup Coffee or Cocoa Choose Your Brand & Flavor

PER CUP PRICE $0.30 - $0.33

  • A bunch of k-cups, a bunch of different brands, a bunch of different variety packs
  • You got your flavored stuff, your standard stuff, your seasonal stuff
  • Also: cocoa!
  • Model: 0K-CUPUT3R
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A Simple Choice

We’ve got a bunch of different K-cups. Different brands, different variety packs. But really, there’s only one decision to make: practicality or whimsy.

Practicality? That’s coffee. Sure, coffee can be a treat. In that, it’s a treat to progress through the day with your eyes open and your brain working. Those people who make a Chemex full of natural process single-origin Ethiopian and talk about how they taste “notes of strawberry and passion fruit”? Even they’re not drinking that stuff if it doesn’t give them a caffeine buzz.

Which is not to say you shouldn’t drink coffee that you personally enjoy. Like it straight up? Great. Want some flavoring? That’s cool too. Want to match your coffee with the season? Totally rad. And we can serve all these needs with today’s sale.

Still, it has a role. It’s not a cuddly puppy. It’s a workhorse. The first cup gets you to ten or eleven in the morning. The second cup gets you to one or two or three in the afternoon. The third cup carries you to five at which point it’s stabled and another horse–maybe beer, maybe wine, maybe tea, maybe marijuana, maybe a good book, maybe Netflix, maybe some combination of the above–takes over and carries you to bed.

In other words, you drink coffee because you need it.

Whimsy, on the other hand? That’s cocoa. Cocoa is only a treat. Cocoa serves no useful purpose at all. It’s warm, liquid chocolate, as if someone said, “I could really go for a chocolate bar, but I don’t want to get all tired chewing!” It’s a portal to childhood. It is pure comfort, nothing more, nothing less.

So, you’ve got a choice: practicality or whimsy?

Our recommendation: why not get some of each?

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