JavaHouse Hot/Cold 36 Count of Pods or Cold Brew Concentrate 6-Pack

  • The pods can be brewed hot with a pod machine
  • Or, you can peel back the lid, and pour them over ice
  • The concentrate is just for when you want cold brew
  • Tasty, easy, and options to choose from
  • Model: CR4CK-0P3N-4-C0LD-0N3
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Cold Comfort

Not everyone likes iced coffee. And not everyone likes cold brew, which does have a slightly different flavor than your standard iced coffee (i.e. coffee brewed hot and then chilled). Cold brew coffee is brewed by steeping grounds in cold water for twelve hours at a time, leaving you with a smooth concentrated coffee flavor that, again, not everyone is a huge fan of.

But I am. I’m a fan of pretty much every kind of coffee you can get, and what’s more, I’m a fan of variety throughout my day. A cup from the Chemex in the morning, one from the Aeropress later in the day, maybe I go out and get a cappuccino or an Americano, maybe just some espresso straight up. I like it when every cup tastes a little different.

And in the summer, I enjoy some cold brew, especially in the late morning or early afternoon. It’s perfect for when I get back from a long, grueling run (or hell, just going the block with the dog on a particularly muggy day).

The problem with cold brew is that thing I mentioned above: it should steep for at least twelve hours. That means, if I’m making it myself, I have to be thinking ‘Hey, how about some cold brew?’ at the one time of day when I don’t want coffee at all: right before going to bed.

And so if I’m jonesing for a glass of delicious ice-cold caffeinated goodness, and I didn’t have the forethought to make it the night before, then I have only a few options:

  1. brew a hot cup and put it in the freezer to cool it down (doesn’t taste quite right),

  2. go out and get some (the cost really adds up), or…

  3. buy today’s deal.

Will these pods or bottles of concentrate taste as good as some freshly ground single-origin beans you’ve set up in your Toddy overnight? No. But also yes. Because if you’re like me, you already forgot to do that, whereas these are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

So get yourself some pods or concentrate, and always have your cold coffee fix close at hand!

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