iTouch Explorer 3 Smartwatch

  • It can track your steps and exercise, monitor your heart rate, and tell you how many calories you’ve burned
  • It can send texts to your wrists
  • It can tell time
  • Is it Mac compatible: Maybe, but it isn’t an Apple Watch (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing)
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Smart... But Not Too Smart

Here are two people to consider:

Person 1 does not have a cell phone. They don’t have the internet. They don’t have a television. These are three facts you’ll know about them immediately, because they’ll tell you immediately, regardless of whether the information is relevant to the conversation. If someone asks them if they’re on Facebook, they’ll give a quizzical look and say, “No, I’m not familiar with that one. Who’s the author?” As for TikTok, they know it only as the sound their watch makes, because even a non-smart digital model would be a bit too modern.

Person 2 parks their car, closes the garage door with their smartphone, and unlocks their home with their smartwatch. Once inside, they call out to some digital assistant, asking it to tell the fridge to make 3 ice cubes, which they use to chill the cocktail they enjoy while reviewing their apparent dental health on an app that syncs with their sonic toothbrush.

Both of these people are absolutely insufferable. And you don’t need to be either of them.

You can enjoy your smart phone and open your house with a key. You can control your television with a remote while you stream shows on Netflix. And you can have a nice, modern smartwatch that tells more than the time without telling you too much more than the time.

That’s what this thing is. It’ll tell you how many steps you’ve taken. It’ll tell you how many calories you’ve burned. It’ll monitor your heart heart rate. It’ll send texts to your wrist. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so you can take it jogging without worrying about a little sweat.

But given that it’s about 20 bucks, you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down in a bunch of super-advanced, unnecessary features.

This makes it a great investment for an oft-overlooked consumer type: not the person who hates technology, but the person who hates how much they love technology. We’re talking about those of you with the self-awareness to preemptively cut yourself off from things on which you’d become problematically reliant. Or, to put it differently: you’re not good for smart tech; on the contrary, you understand that, if you used more of it, you’d get so addicted to it that you’d become person 2 described above, and that’s just not who you want to be.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with this watch. Because it’s basic AF! But, like, good too.

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