Instant Regret Kit

  • It’s a bunch of garbage no one wanted the first time, now for $50
  • There’s actual good stuff for sale over at our SideDeal-o-Rama event!
  • If you spend $49.99 today on SideDeal (not counting tax or shipping), we’ll discount you $49.99 off this IRK
  • So it’s basically an IRK for a penny (plus shipping, if you’re not a member) BUT ONLY IF YOU SPEND $49.99 ON SIDEDEAL
  • Can it make margaritas: who fucking knows
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A Penny's Difference

Hey? Want to get this IRK for a penny (plus shipping for nonmembers)? Then spend $49.99 over at SideDeal, and we’ll discount you $49.99!

Cool, right?

Now, what should you spend your $49.99 on? Anything you want! But, to help guide your purchase, we have put together a special event: the SideDeal-o-Rama, a bunch of cool (and slightly stupid) sales! Including…

It’s Time To Grow Up: A collection of truly adult product. (Though, when we say “adult” we don’t mean it like that. Just mature stuff for mature people.)

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up: A collection of toys for real children and adult children.

Oh Crap I’m Old!: Aging is tough. But maybe these things will help. We’re talking massagers, compression sleeves, and a bunch of other stuff (including something called handerpants, which are apparently underpants for your hands).

Things That Are Red: Blenders. Wallets. Bags. Speakers. All of it the same color: red.

Food & Drink That Is Mostly Fine: A collection of our finest consumables! Okay, maybe not the finest. But there’s some good stuff in there. (48 peanut butter KIND bars? For $24? Yes, please!)

Cables, Chargers, Plugs, & Other Boring Crap: We’ll give you one guess what sorts of products are in this sale.

Buy One Of These For Your IRK Refund: A collection of random products that all cost $49.99. Basically, if you want to knock out the full refund in one go, these are good options.

Cheapskate Paradise: The opposite of the sale above. This is for people who buy an IRK and are like, Ugh! Why isn’t there more cheap bullshit in this thing?

Totally Redeem Yourself Bundle: One sale. A bunch of random stuff. For exactly $49.99. In other words: a bunch of stupid shit that covers most of the cost of the bunch of stupid shit you’ll get in the IRK.

There you have it! A smorgasbord of SideDeal sales perfect for fulfilling the $49.99 you need to get that $49.99 discount on this $50 IRK! Go nuts, people!


We want to be very transparent here: that price you see is REAL. It’s not a joke. If you purchase this, you will be charged $50. And we can assure you, the contents will NOT be especially exciting. By which we mean: despite the fact that it’s $50, it’s still just an IRK. A normal IRK. (Whatever the hell that is.)

But here’s the deal: IF YOU SPEND at least $49.99 over SideDeal and buy this IRK for $50, we’ll refund you $49.99. In other words, if you spend $49.99 on SideDeal, you get the IRK for a penny (plus shipping if you’re not a member).

And just so we’re clear: that’s $49.99 spent on SideDeal. Tax and shipping don’t count toward that $49.99, and that’s $49.99 after any discounts you get from coupons or whatever. So again: Not $45. Not $48. Not $49.96. $49.99. Anything less will result in you NOT getting the refund for the IRK.

Also: you DO need to buy the IRK to get the IRK. If you spend $49.99 on SideDeal but don’t buy the IRK here, we won’t send you an IRK. (Because, duh! Could you imagine how bad that would be for our business if we sent everyone who bought 50 bucks worth of stuff on SideDeal a big ol’ box of trash? You people seem to like this for some reason, but not everyone wants stuff for stuff’s sake.)

You can buy more than one IRK for $50 each, but you will only get one $49.99 refund (assuming you qualify for it) no matter what you spend or whatever else you do. Buy 2 IRKS, spend $100 on SideDeal, and you’ll still only get that one $49.99 refund.

Another thing: we do these refunds manually, so they won’t be immediate. Depending on your bank it might even be more than a week before you see it.

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