Infinity Gold 3-in-1 Blower Brush Hair Dryer and Styler

  • Is it a brush? A hair dryer? A styler?
  • Yes
  • It uses Tourmaline Technology which is a thing we totally understand
  • (Basically, it leaves you with silky shiny hair)
  • Heats up fast, has 2 speed settings, and 3 temperature settings
  • Model: IGBB, because it’ll make your hair look great for InstaGram, BeBe
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Comb Tomes

First you have to dry your hair and then you have to brush it. Or is it the other way around? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. At least, not if you get this Infinity Gold Blower Brush Hair Dryer & Styler!

Basically what we have here is a hair-dryer/brush combo, which means you can brush your hair while you dry it or dry your hair while you brush it. (Whichever way you want to think about it.) It’s got everything you need! It heats up super fast, uses Tourmaline Technology, and features 2 speed and 3 temperature settings. What this all adds up to is dry hair 80% faster! Than what? We don’t know! But it sure is speedy!

Which is why it’s no wonder that it’s the chosen brush among authors who are obsessed with long locks. Just look at some of the great works of hair fiction that reference the Infinity Gold Blower Brush Hair Dryer & Styler:

  • Moby Pick
  • Jane Heyre
  • A Room With A Do
  • Gravity’s Rainbowl Cut
  • Ulysscissors
  • The Bun Also Rises
  • The Quiff And The Dead
  • The Waves (But The Hair Kind)
  • A Pompadourtrait Of An Artist As A Young Man
  • The Heart Is A Combly Hunter

And that is but a small sampling of the most famous titles. Talk to a professor of literat-hair and you’ll be be sure to find a number of other, more obscure titles that endorse the Infinity Gold Blower Brush Hair Dryer & Styler!

(Every time we do one of these pun write-ups, we think it’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever put out there, but the lesson here is, it can always get dumber.)

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