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So we have a computing forum thread and I have a car question. In this case I welcome Googled answers because I was on the web yesterday trying to track down where my keyless entry keypad factory number might be. Turns out nobody has ever found it actually in real life except on a card distributed with the car when it is new…which of course I don’t have. I’m going to have to go find a friendly Lincoln dealer to pull it out of the computer.

Some asshole has posted an answer that doesn’t even match the car’s features but it is repeated all over as canon. So fuck car forums and fuck Google today.

Here’s my situation I’d like help with. I have an '04 Lincoln and a '02 Mercury. They both appear to use the same little keychain fob to lock/unlock/trunk etc.

enter image description here

Does any body know if I can program a clicker like that to open both/either/or cars? Or is it a 1 clicker, 1 car thing? It would cut down on the confusion for me if the 4 fobs I have would unlock either car.

I just can’t face any more rabbit hole car forums or Google today, thanks.