Hybridlight HEX Bluetooth Speaker, FM Radio, Lantern, Flashlight & Charger

  • It’s a flashlight that plays music via Bluetooth
  • No sorry, it’s a phone charger that’s a lantern
  • No sorry, it’s an FM radio that’s a power bank
  • Wait, it’s… ALL OF THESE THINGS!!!
  • You can charge it via USB or using a built-in solar panel (inside and outside)
  • Plus, it’s got a Micro SD card reader for some reason!
  • And it’s got AUX in, because why wouldn’t it?
  • Model: PUT-4-H3X-0N-M3
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All The Stuff

Remember that time we sold a Bluetooth speaker that was also a pod coffee machine? That was pretty funny, right? Because, it’s just so goofy, the way these companies think they can throw a few different fad products together and cash in.

But every now and then, someone cracks the code. They put together so many of the right features in one package that you just have to tip your hat to them and say, “Nicely done.”

This Hybridlight HEX is one of those products. It’s so useful, in fact, that its marketing video is just a guy listing all of its various functions for 40 seconds without any embellishment:

So, to recap: it’s a Bluetooth speaker that’s a lantern that’s a flashlight that’s a radio that can charge your phone in one compact package. And it lasts a while on one charge. And it’s got a solar panel for charging outside and inside, plus a USB connection for when you don’t want to wait for the sun or incandescent lighting to get things fully juiced up.

Now, are you going to use all of these features in one outing? Maybe on a camping trip, but most of the time, no. That being said, there’s almost a 100% chance that you’ll use one or more features that you didn’t plan on using each time you take this thing with you. Like, you might bring it to listen to some music at the beach, but then your phone dies. Or you might bring it to charge your phone when you’re out to dinner with friends, but then someone drops something and it clatters into a dark corner under the booth. Or you might want some light on the deck to enjoy a cocktail at dusk and then decide that only the local classic rock station can complete the mood.

Really, it’s kind of like the Bluetooth speaker equivalent of a great newsletter that aggregates awesome deals from around the internet in one place, allowing you to save big without spending an hour going from site to site. Oh wait, that’s a thing that exists! It’s called Deal Secrets and it’s managed by Rick Broida. You should check it out!

Sorry, just wanted to get that plug in there because Rick does great stuff.

Anyway, this Hybridlight HEX really is super useful. So get one!

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