Homedics Shiatsu Massage Soothing Heat Gentle Touch Gel Foot Massager

  • Soft gel nodes for a massage that’s deep but not too painful
  • Want an even more soothing experience? Turn on the heat
  • One button: press it once to turn it on, a second time for heat, and a third time to turn it off
  • Does it come in Georgia red: I mean, it does glow red when the heat is on…
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Good For The Sole

Get out and move, they said. Stop sitting so much, they said. Get a standing desk, they said. Jog, they said. Hike, they said. Get your steps in, they said. It’ll feel great, they said.

And you know what? They–whoever “they” even are–were right.

It does feel good to build your leg muscles and increase your lung capacity. And when endorphins release, it’s better than a lot of drugs that are illegal and/or expensive. Plus, there’s that sense of accomplishment. It’s just nice to say, “Hey! I set a goal to walk his many steps, or jog this many miles, or hike this whole trail, and you know what? I achieved it!”

And yet, more time on your feet means… well… more time on your feet. Which means more strain on your feet. Which means more pain in your feet.

In other words: those doggies? They’re gonna be barking.

Well, consider this Soft Touch Gel Shiatsu Foot Massager a thunder shirt to calm those wild doggies of yours! Or maybe it’s more like one of those things that puts out pheromones to relax your dog? Or, actually, dogs also have sore muscles, so maybe the doggie equivalent of a shiatsu foot massager is just a shiatsu paw massager? Why do we call feet ‘doggies’ anyway?

Okay, sorry. Got a little off-topic there. Point is: this thing is the perfect remedy if you’ve got a case of the aches after a long day on your feet.

It’s got soft gel nodes, so you don’t have to worry about tough plastic digging into your arches so hard you cry. Additionally, it can heat up to provide a bit of extra soothing. And it’s easy as hell to use. There’s one button. You press it once to turn it on, a second time for heat, and a third time to turn it off.

Sounds great, right?

So get moving! And then, when you’re done moving, get on the couch and get your feet on this thing for a nice massage right at home!

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