Hakol Mini Travel Single Serve Coffee Maker & 15 Oz. Travel Mug Coffee

  • One cup of coffee wherever you are
  • Available in fun colors
  • Comes with a travel tumbler
  • Grab some more mugs on SideDeal if you want!
  • How to pronounce Hakol: Hey-cool. As in “Hey, cool. Coffee!” (Not sure this is actually correct)
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Don't Wait, Caffeinate

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

That phrase generally refers to the second 5 on the clock, but it could just as easily be about the first, the true 5, the 5 even people who use military time acknowledge.

As in, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning somewhere! And you need a drink! Of coffee. Because you’re so fucking tired.

Now, the good thing is, our international addiction to the stuff means that coffee is pretty much readily available wherever you are. The next gas station you pass on the highway will have it. And your hotel room is going to have a machine and a weird pouch/pod to put in it. And the server at the diner down the street will ensure your mug is never empty.

Shit, they even have it in the waiting room at the place where they change your oil in ten minutes or it’s half-off. That’s how ubiquitous our reliance on caffeinated brown water is: you’re not expected to go without coffee even as you wait an impossibly short time for someone to make sure your car’s engine is good and lubricated.

Is there some worthwhile parallel to be drawn between engine oil and coffee, in that they are both dark substances that keep something running efficiently? Perhaps. But we won’t draw it. You know why? Because we’re too busy choking back our vomit. Because all of those above-mentioned instances of coffee are absolutely DISGUSTING.

Seriously, did the Shell station get a screaming deal on beans roasted with a flamethrower? The hotel room coffee meanwhile turns bright white when you pour in any cream. And by cream, we mean a little packet of non-dairy creamer. And by non-dairy creamer, we mean literal chalk. Diners, meanwhile, allow you to play a game of coffee roulette. Could be the best mug you’ve ever had, could be so bad it actually ruins the rest of your meal.

This thing provides a solution. It’s a travel-ready single-serve coffee maker. Meaning, you can bring it to the hotel or the rustic lake cabin. You can even stop at a rest area off the highway, plug in, and brew or pair it with the Powerblock we sold the other day to have a fresh cup of coffee every morning while camping.

And that coffee? It’ll stay nice and warm inside the included insulated travel mug.

So get one. And don’t settle for shitty coffee just because you’re not at home.

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