GoWise USA 12.7 Quart Deluxe Air Fryer Oven

  • 12.7 quarts of space already makes this a better option than most other air fryers
  • Still fits perfectly well on the countertop
  • You can turn it into a rotisserie with some wild accessories
  • Even has a recipe book with 50 step-by-step recipes
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Of In The Cold Food Of Out Hot Eat The Food

Don’t recognize that word salad up there that I’m calling a title? It’s a dumb copy-paste meme that showed up in the past year that seems to be a deliberately botched attempt at riffing on the word “oven.” You read the whole phrase out loud, and you’ll sound like you are trying to make a joke but are either A.) incredibly drunk or high or B.) startlingly sleep deprived.

Maybe both.

It’s funny because of how ridiculous it sounds. I feel like this is also somewhat ridiculous: a tiny oven you can put on the counter next to your regular-sized oven.

The design of this thing seems to definitely be reminiscent of the kind of oven you’d find in most homes. The little window, the button placement, the handle, the boxy shape. So, that’s fun. Like an Easy-Bake for adults, except you can put a rotisserie chicken inside. I’m imagining the carnage that would result from shoving the chicken through the little slot.

It isn’t just an oven, though. It’s an air fryer oven, probably an oven specifically because of this quirky design. Most of the air fryers we’ve seen are these cylindrical things. Whenever I read about air fryers, I always find their utility compared to convection ovens. Many people argue they’re the same thing, like air fryers are a rebranded fad. Which, yeah, they are kind of a fad, and yeah, they also cook using convection heating (fan circulates hot air around the dish inside the oven).

BUT, there are some differences, it seems. The fan is closer, which contributes to a better, crispier frying effect. In addition, air fryers traditionally use cooking baskets (reminiscent of a fryer) instead of pans or other vessels, although this version seems to be blurring the line. Also, this one has the whole, y’know, rotisserie everything included.

SO. If you want an easy-to-use countertop rotisserie that can also do some effective pseudo-frying amongst other things, here you go.

And if you just want a cute little oven thing to go with your big old regular oven thing, here you go. Probably (definitely) more utility than an Easy-Bake.

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