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Good / Better / Best Avier Camera Drone

  • All of these drones are good
  • They’ve got good range, one-key return (so you can press a button to bring it home), and auto fail safe return (so it doesn’t just die in the air)
  • But one is just good, one has some more bells and whistles, and the other is the best
  • So, be honest with yourself and decide: what drone do you really deserve
  • Or: what drone does whoever you plan to give it to as gift deserve
  • Model: DR0N3-H0M3
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Gift That Drone

Welcome to another episode of:


That’s right! It’s everyone’s favorite holiday game show in which contestants are given three Avier Camera Drones–one good that’s good, one that’s better, and one that’s the best–and three gift recipients from their life, and must decide who gets which one!

Let’s meet tonight’s contestant!

“Hello, I’m Angela. I live in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with my family. And I think if there’s one thing that really sums up my life, it would be–”

Wow! Great stuff, Angela!

“Wait, but I–”

Now, let’s meet your potential drone recipients!

Recipient #1?

“I’m Kyle. I’m Angela’s cousin. We were the best of friends when we were kids, but haven’t been very close as adults. Still, we see each other at the holidays every year. I’m looking for a gift that sums up our relationship. I.e. something that says, ‘you are an adult male on the periphery of my life who is likely, but not definitely, interested in gadgets.’”

Recipient #2?

“I’m Terrance. I’m Angela’s teen son. I am a junior in high school and every other week, I have a new interest. For example, last week I took up bass guitar, but now I’m thinking about getting into designing mobile apps. Soon I will leave for college and the local thrift store will receive the lightly used contents of my bedroom, at which point they will experience a golden age of prosperity like none before. Still, my adorable, if not misguided, teenaged passion means that I won’t be satisfied by the bare minimum.”

Recipient #3?

“I’m Greg. I’m Angela’s father. I worked for 55 years as some sort of engineer designing minor mechanisms for farm equipment. Since retirement, I have turned my life over to hobbies of ingenuity. I’ve put together model boats, model airplanes, and model rockets. I’ve also started going to the library and learning how to work with a 3D printer. Basically, if you give me something that requires some level of technical know-how, I will squint at it with my glasses at the brim of my nose until I am the master of it, at which point I will experience a stern joyless variety of masculine satisfaction.”

Great. So, Angela it’s time to choose: who gets what drone?

“Well, I’ve thought about it and I’d like to… take the drones for myself! Because I deserve nice things, dammit!”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

You hear that bell, Angela? That means you’re our winner! Thank you for playing, and we’ll see you all again soon for another episode of:


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