Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarves

  • Cover up your sad, cold neck
  • Available in a lot of colors and styles
  • Hey, it’s Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Model: FR445-N4V1D4D
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A Hallmehrk Classic

We now return to the Hallmehrk Christmas classic A Kentucky Christmas:

Taylor put on his Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf as he made his way down the steps of the auditorium. Inside, the regionally-appropriate bluegrass band could be heard playing a twangy rendition of ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’

“Taylor, wait!” cried Rebecca bursting through the door. She also wore a Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf.

Taylor stopped. He gripped his Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf angrily and turned to face her. “Why? So you can break my heart again? Just like you did in high school?”

“Taylor, I’m sorry,” Rebecca said, touching her Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf tenderly. “But let’s not live in the past anymore!”

Taylor couldn’t believe it. His mouth fell so far open, it was partially obscured by his Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“That’s right,” Rebecca said, stepping so close to him that their Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarves nearly touched. “I’m leaving my job as a high-powered lawyer New York, where I earn damn near seven figures a year, to join you here in our idyllic hometown, so that we can open that cute shop we talked about as children.”

“Carving sculptures from coal, one of Kentucky’s many iconic exports,” Taylor whispered, his voice so quiet it nearly disappeared into his Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf.

“Bark bark,” said Taylor’s dog Buddy, running up to him with a Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf in his mouth.

“Hello, I’m a reporter,” said a reporter walking by, wearing a Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf. “I’ve just finished covering the local Yule-fried Festival of fried chicken and bourbon, two things commonly associated with this state, Kentucky. A newspaper paid me to come here just for that. And now I was wondering if I could take your picture. Perhaps one of both of you, a lovely couple, sharing a Christmas kiss?”

“I don’t see any mistletoe,” said Rebecca, fiddling flirtatiously with her Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarf.

“Where we’re going, we don’t need mistletoe,” Taylor said, leaning in for a kiss, which was difficult, because their Fraas Rectangular Wrap Scarves kept getting in the way.

Hello friends! Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thanks for supporting our silly little site. Even on this day full of fun and merriment, you still found time to open your computer or take out your phone and visit us! You’re the best! Now buy a scarf and get back to having a safe and happy holiday.

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