2-Pack: FineLife Sonic Toothbrush w/ 3 Replacement Brush Heads Each

  • 3 modes: clean, white, and polish
  • 3 replacement heads with each one
  • 19,000 rotations per minute is a lot of rotations
  • How do these cheekily celebrate the most famous space opera of all time: they don’t, so maybe head over to Mediocritee
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Not Free, But Close

To those of you who still brush with the freebie toothbrush the dentist gives you at the end of each visit, we have a few questions:

  1. If you need to time something, do you use a stopwatch? Or do you shout “one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi,” and so forth until whatever your timing is done?

  2. When you need to cross a large body of water, do you forgo the ferry in favor of a paddleboat?

  3. How do you grind your coffee beans: do you put them in a coffee grinder, or do you lay them out on your workbench and hit them with a hammer until you’ve reached your desired level of fineness?

We know, we know. These examples aren’t comparable to brushing your teeth with an old-school brush. Because brushing your teeth with an old-school brush is MUCH WORSE! Think about it: in any of the above situations, does using the non-motorized option result in your teeth falling out? We rest our case.

But don’t worry, freebie brush users, there’s hope. Today. Because we’re selling a 2-pack FineLife Sonic Toothbrushes. They each come with three heads. They each have three modes: clean, white, and polish. And they’re each capable of 19,000 rotations per minute.

Also, we’re selling them both for just $20. That breaks down to $10 a brush.

And yes, that is cheap. And yes, these aren’t as good as a lot of the Philips Sonicare ones we’ve sold before for considerably more money. But again, we’re addressing those of you who usually spend a cool $0 on your toothbrushes here.

Maybe these’ll last you a good long time. Or maybe they’ll be your gateway electric toothbrushes, showing you the light and inspiring you to spend the big bucks on a different model here or somewhere else. Maybe these’ll eventually be your travel brushes.

It doesn’t matter. The point is, they’ll help you get with the times without breaking the bank.

So, embrace the motor, people. It’s good for you.

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