Eufy RoboVac 15T Robot Vacuum

  • This thing sucks pretty hard (like, actually)
  • Low and slim profile means it’ll get all the stuff under the couch too
  • Can adjust on the fly going from one kind of surface to another
  • 100 straight minutes of cleaning power on one charge
  • Model: 3UFYM151M
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Stop Starting

It’s not that you don’t realize your house is a mess. You can see it, clear as day. When the sunlight comes in at just the right time and just the right angle, illuminating the dust and pet hair on your hardwood floor. Or when you drop something on the rug in the living room, lean down to get it, and see the accumulation of grit in the fibers.

What we’re saying is, most of the time it’s not some sense of denial that stops you from cleaning.

Nor is it even motivation. To start, that is. No, it’s actually pretty easy to say, “You know what? Enough is enough! I’m taking some time and I’m cleaning this place the heck up!”

The problem is finding the energy to finish. Because you get 45 minutes in and it’s like… really? You’ve been at this for this long and you’re not even that close to being done? You could be halfway through Nobody by now. Or a quarter of the way through The Batman. Or a bit over 20 percent through The Irishman. Or 18 percent into the Snyder Cut.

Why are we putting this in terms of movie runtimes? Because we want to, that’s why! But the point stands: when it comes to chores, your ambitions fade fast.

And, oddly enough, the solution to this issue is not to power through; it’s to give up those ambitions entirely and instead buy things that do the chores for you. Like this eufy RoboVac. It’s got great suction power, a super slim design that allows it to get to all those places you didn’t even realize could get dirty, and the ability to go for 100 minutes straight.

But most importantly, you don’t need to give it pep talks. And you don’t need to coax it to the finish line with promises of a burrito and a margarita. And you definitely don’t need to worry that it’s going to say it’ll “take a quick break” or “finish up tomorrow” only to return to the task two weeks later when its initial hard work has all but disappeared.

What we’re saying is: stop starting to clean your floors and get yourself a good robot vacuum that’ll do the whole job with no complaints. Like this eufy.

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