Etekcity Smart Connected Digital Body Fat & BMI Scale

  • Four sensors give you super accurate readings up to 400lbs (at 0.2lb intervals)
  • Also can read your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and a whole bunch of other stuff
  • Track your progress using an app (or don’t)
  • How does this celebrate hot dogs and/or watermelons: it doesn’t, so if that’s what you’re looking for, maybe head over to Mediocritee
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Sale of Scale

What we have here is a great basic-ass scale for a reasonable price.

Wait, no. That’s not what we have at all. Well, the reasonable price part is true enough. But this is far from your everyday, hop-on-and-read-the-number scale.

Okay, actually it is an everyday scale. As in, it’s good for everyday use, because you can sync it to an app and track your weigh-ins. You know what else you can track? Your BMI and your muscle mass and your body fat and a whole bunch of other stuff. And, getting back to weight, it’s got four advanced sensors that’ll give you super accurate measurements up to 400lbs (at 0.2lb increments).

So no, it’s definitely just a basic-ass scale.

It’s the best basic-ass scale.

Because here’s the thing: how many of you are really gonna use all these features? Sure, there are some of you that might be intensely training for an athletic event, or who want to check in on this stuff frequently and track your progress towards a certain goal day by day. But most of you are probably just interested in something you can step up on once in a while to know where you stand.

And this is the best scale for that. Why? Because you know that if they put so much effort into a thing, they’re gonna make sure it does a good job performing its most basic function.

The zero-battery, just-step-up-and-the-thing-spins scale? You can never trust those. Like, seriously, have you ever gotten on one, seen you’re up more than 10 pounds, freaked out, started planning an entire new diet and exercise routine, or considered how best to discretely buy a pregnancy test, only to step off and realize that with no weight on it, the needle rests on 11 instead of 0?

You don’t have to worry about that with this. Because some level of care went into making it.

Also, it looks nice. And that’s cool too. You should probably just for the design, honestly.

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