Eveready by Energizer Silver Alkaline Batteries (110 AA or 168 AAA)

  • For stuff that takes AA batteries, buy the AA batteries
  • For stuff that takes AAA batteries, buy the AAA batteries
  • Manufacture date of 9/2020
  • Little energy tubes, they’re often called
  • Model: P0W3R-2-TH3-P30PL3
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Pure Power

So, it’s a bunch of batteries. That’s what we’ve got today. AA or AAA.

Why? Because Christmas is coming up, and there’s nothing worse than the panic you feel when the tears start flowing because that thing you spent half of a paycheck on won’t power up.

Now, if you’re curious whether or not the gift you’re giving will require any not-included power, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of this year’s hottest toys that run on AAs or AAAs:

  • Tomb Pals: Sarcopha-Gus
  • Self-Destruct-O-Drone
  • Hess Truck Ultra Missle Launcher
  • Karate Cowboy 700
  • RC RC Cola (YOU control the can!)
  • Tomb Pals: Emily-balming Fluid
  • Jar-o-Lasers
  • Dibbly, The Foul-Mouthed Singing Crow
  • Big Pop-a-Matronic Trouble In Little China
  • Dog Divers (when the waters get “ruff” the dogs get diving!)
  • DJ Cement Mixer
  • NailDriller3000
  • Self-Bathing Bartholomew (The clean doll!)
  • Tomb Pals: Mummy Dearest
  • Milton Bradley Presents: Corn Wars 2, An Ear For Destruction
  • Cyber-Whalez
  • Hay Maker: The Boxing Baler

What do you mean you’ve never heard of any of these? Our toy supplier told us they were super popular. And he’s legit as hell. He had a Blogspot page and a Gmail account and everything.

Wait a minute…

Uh oh.

Anyway, why don’t you buy some batteries! We’re going to… uhh… go ahead and… uhh… cancel a few upcoming sales.

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