Easine by iLife G50 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Provides 7,000pa suction in normal mode, 10,500pa in max mode
  • Gives you 35-minutes runtime (in normal mode)
  • Easy to maneuver with a swivel head
  • One-touch empty gets you back vacuuming in no time
  • Hang it up on the wall when you’re done
  • Model: V4C-4TT4CK
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Good Clean Fun

“Hey, J?” said Rob, peeking his head into his roommate’s bedroom. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” J said, putting aside the book he’d been reading, the same one he always read, in which he was a prominent character. “C’mon in.”

Rob settled into the bean bag opposite the camping chair J sat on. “So, first off, thanks for cleaning,” he said. “But I was just wondering. On some areas of the carpet in the living room, I noticed a set of footprints alongside the clean trail left by the vacuum. But then, in other areas, all I saw were the set of footprints. What was going on there?”

“Well, in the second instance,” J said, “when you saw just the single set of footprints, that was when I was carrying the vacuum. Back to my room. Where I store it.”

“But why would you carry it?” Rob said, shifting uncomfortably. He didn’t like questioning J, given who his dad was and everything, but J never seemed to mind. “Wouldn’t it be too heavy? Seems like unplugging it and rolling it would make more sense.”

“But you have to understand, Rob,” J said, “I have an EASINE by iLife G50 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It’s compact and light. Furthermore, it’s easy to maneuver and, in normal mode, can run for up to 35 minutes. Now, if I wanted to really crank things up, it might not last as long, but that’s okay. I barely ever use it on high because I like to clean often, on account of all my friends who are always dropping by.”

“You mean the lepers?” Rob said.

“It’s 2022, Rob,” J said. “Let’s try and say, ‘the lesionally uninhibited.’”

“Right, sorry,” Rob said, looking at his feet. “One more thing, J. You seem super famous. And your family is, uh, pretty well off, cosmically speaking. Why do you live here in this apartment with me in Kansas City?”

“Being a man of the people is kind of my thing, Rob,” J said.

“Sure, of course, duh,” Rob said, standing.

“Good talk,” J said as Rob left, but Rob wasn’t sure it was a good talk at all.

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