1/4 Carat TW Diamond Huggie Hoop 14k Gold over Sterling Earrings

  • They’re pretty enough to catch some looks
  • They’re not so gaudy that they’ll catch the wrong kind of looks
  • Made from sterling silver (so they’re nickel free)
  • Model: H3Y-MU53-6UY5
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V-Day Is Nigh

There are two considerations to make for Valentine’s Day. First is the thing; second is the night. I.e. you gotta give something special, and you gotta plan something special.

When it comes to the former, we have you covered. These Diamond Muse Sterling Silver 1/4 Carat TW Diamond Hoop Earrings are shiny enough to melt that special someone’s heart come February 14th. But they’re not so bright and gaudy that they’ll have to be stashed away for only the fanciest of occasions, either. They can be worn to work on a random Monday just as easily as they can tie together that killer wedding outfit.

Now, in terms of the night, that’s on you. Maybe you want to play it safe and stay home to watch a classic romcom. Or maybe you want to do something a little different, like go to the zoo.

Or maybe, just maybe, you want to combine these two options and watch a zoological romcom. Something like:

  • Dove, Actually
  • Ten Things I Hate About Ewe
  • Notting (Chinc)Hill(a)
  • How To Moos A Guy In Ten Neighs
  • Sleepless in Sea Otter
  • When Hare-y met Sally
  • You’ve Got Snail
  • She’s All Cat
  • Bunny Face
  • Loonstruck

Wow, not only are these some incredibly stupid puns, but the whole concept is pretty forced, isn’t it? Like, what do zoos have to do with earrings or Valentine’s Day?

Who knows. And you know what? Who cares! We had fun!

So anyway, grab these earrings and start planning something special for that special someone this Valentine’s Day!

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