1.0 Carat TW Diamond Bracelet with 14K Gold Plating over Sterling Silver

  • A great Mother’s Day gift!
  • 14K gold plated and available in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, or White Gold
  • Each bracelet includes a classy gift box with bow
  • Why “tennis”? Because of Chris Evert, that’s why!
  • Does it come in Georgia red: see above
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Mother's Day Is Coming

With every holiday, there are two parts: the day and the thing.

Sure, presents are rad, but there’s a reason getting an Amazon package doesn’t feel like Christmas. You need the tree, the stockings, the egg nog, the time with family.

And you can’t just take your kids down the candy aisle at the grocery store and call it Halloween. You have to put on the costumes, walk the neighborhood, knock on doors.

Drinking champagne by yourself as the clock ticks over from some random Tuesday to some random Wednesday? Kinda weird and sad. Drinking champagne with friends as the clock ticks over from December 31st to January 1st? Totally awesome and fun!

And yet, with all of this being said, there’s a reason you roll your eyes at your weird aunt or uncle’s Facebook post about how we should all consider doing a non-consumer Christmas where we exchange dreams for each other instead of gifts. Or at the old person who wants to give out scary stories instead of Hershey Bars. And that friend who wants to host a New Year’s Eve salon where everyone opens up about their year rather than opening a bottle of bubbly? That’s your backup party to your backup party.

Mother’s Day is only different in that it’s a holiday for a specific member of the family rather than the whole family. But it still breaks into the two components. First, you’ve gotta figure out what the mom you’re celebrating wants their day to look like. Do they want breakfast in bed? Or do they want to go out for brunch with you and the family? Or do they want you to play babysitter so they can go out with a few other moms?

Or do their wishes for the holiday have nothing to do with breakfast? And by the way, how much did Big Egg spend to make its meal so central to Mother’s Day?

You need to figure this stuff out. But you also need a thing: a nice, elegant gift that’ll help the mom in your life feel the love of Mother’s Day on all days that follow Mother’s Day. Something like, say, this Diamond Muse 1.0 Carat TW Diamond Martini Tennis Bracelet. It’s simple enough. It’s shiny enough. It’s fancy without being gaudy. And it comes in a variety of understated colors.

In other words, it’s the perfect thing to give mom on her special day. So get it now and have it ready come May 9th. Oh, and maybe look up a French Toast recipe, too.

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