Decor Set of 2 Glass Bowls with Vented Lids

  • Glass bowls? Classic!
  • The only problem? Open on top!
  • But not these bowls, baby!
  • They got lids!
  • Model: 248632-001, 248636-001; not sure why, but the 001s just feel excessive, right?
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A Delectable Dad Joke

In honor of this Decor set of 2 glass bowls with vented lids–because glass just looks nicer!–and “Cinematic Breakfast”–2 cute and hilarious breakfast-related designs currently for sale on Mediocritee–we present:

A Delectable Dad Joke About Breakfast!

Thus concludes:

A Delectable Dad Joke About Breakfast!

(This design and another are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!)

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