What is Lincoln’s Waffle Breakfast for my Valentine? Alex. (February Blame Thread)


Hey I just rocked the Jeopardy online test this week. Who knows maybe I can get an invite. In other news it’s February and we need to blame someone for the hell that beset us all in this month of love. From Lincoln’s birthday to Valentine’s Day, to Presidents Day this month is full of holidays that really make you wonder if February just sucks.

/giphy Valentine’s Day

/giphy Lincoln’s Birthday

/giphy Presidents’ Day

It’s time for some blame. So let’s blame the goat. Traditions don’t just go away because they get boring, if they did that conjugal visit with your wife or husband or significant other on your birthday would be no more. Vi va la scapegoat. Thanks @stolicat for a Meh January my your retirement find you contentment. Now who is the next volunteer, victim, tribute? Doesn’t matter because we don’t need witnesses and it’s hip to be square.

/giphy hip to be square