Dalmo Brushed Nickel Touchless Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

  • Upgrade your sink for cheaper than you’d think
  • You still have the handle for when you need the full flow, but the touchless option lets you get a quick rinse in a pinch
  • Pretty easy to put in, with a 1-hole installation or a 3-hole installation with a base plate
  • What does this have to do with famous horror movie mothers: Nothing, but if that’s your thing, definitely swing by Mediocritee
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No Touching!

A sink. It’s a weird thing for us to sell if you think about it. Because a sink is not something you’d usually just buy one day because you happen to see a good one. It’s a thing you shop for when you need a new sink for whatever reason. Usually.

But today, we’re redefining the sink. Wow, sorry. That sounded a bit startup-y. Let’s try this: we’re re-contextualizing the sink as a worthwhile impulse buy.

Ugh, that maybe sounds worse?

Look, our point is: you can buy a sink on a whim. Specifically: you can buy this sink on a whim.

First of all, it’s cheap enough. You’ve almost certainly made impulse buys for more than $59 before, and many of those items are probably gathering dust somewhere in your attic or your basement right now. This sink you’ll use every day once it’s in.

That’s the second part: it’s easy to put in. You can do a single-hole installation or a 3 hole installation with a base plate. Now, if you’re like, “I literally don’t understand any of the words you just used,” that’s fair. And if you’re like, “Yesterday, I tried to pay for my groceries with my metro card, so while a sink might be ‘easy to put in,’ it definitely won’t be easy for me to put in,” that’s also fair. You can always hire a plumber. But, before you do, you should watch this video of someone completing the process in less than five minutes.

But the coolest part? And what sets this sink apart from other sinks in this price range? It’s definitely the touchless feature. Yes, you have handle for when it’s time to fill up the Brita or do the dishes. But, you also have the little sensor for when you need to rinse the batter off your hands so you can unlock your phone and see what the recipe says to do next. Yes, we’ve all been there, and if you don’t have the touchless option, you know you’re gonna feel shame when you find some nasty petrified batter on that handle the next morning.

And so there it is: all of the reasons why this sink is a totally appropriate impulse buy.

(Okay, fine: the part about it being cheap makes it a solid impulse buy. The other stuff is just about how good of a sink it is. But hey, that helps with the purchasing decision too, right?)

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