CRKT Gulf Stone Wash OR Xan Carbon Fiber Knife with G10 Handle

  • Your choice of two serious knives from a serious knife company
  • Very grippable handle
  • Very flippable knife part
  • [Copywriter, put a bullet point here about how the titanium nitride coating makes it resistant to corrosion but make sure there’s a word with ‘ippable’ somewhere in there]
  • Gulf has a 4.08" 8Cr13MoV steel blade, and Xan has a 3.67" 1.4116 steel blade with outburst assisted opening
  • Can it make margaritas: well, it can definitely slice the lime
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Use Is Use

This knife is so sharp, they used it to cut out all of the vowels from their company name.


Yes, we agree! It’s a great joke that totally makes sense!

Anyway, you see this knife and it’s hard not to have some rad Alone-style fantasies. Like, you imagine yourself sawing branches off a tree and then using those branches to build a beautiful, rustic (yet insulated) shelter in the wilderness. Or you picture yourself cutting a rabbit out of your snare so you can slow roast it over a campfire. Or maybe you see yourself on a serene hike, only you push through some brush and find yourself in a clearing face-to-face with a bear who has a knife of its own. And when you say, “Are you here to fight me?” the bear only shakes its head stoically and says, “No, my son. I’m here to teach you… the way of the blade.”

Or something. Everyone’s fantasy is different.

Point is, you associate a knife like this with cool outdoorsy stuff. And this association is only amplified by the marketing. Seriously – there are so many photos out there of Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) knives photographed in a variety of badass woods-based scenarios.

But this is all a lie. You’re not probably not gonna take down a moose with this thing, or use it to construct a whole campsite with nothing but nature and your ingenuity. All that stuff is a trick to get you to buy something that you’ll mostly use to open your Amazon boxes and cut annoyingly packaged products free of zip ties.

And you know what? That’s great! Because those uses are still uses, and this knife will still be valuable if all it ever does is stuff like slice the little plastic line that connects the Kohl’s price tag to your new pair of jeans.

So get one. And cut some stuff that needs cutting, even if that stuff is mostly plastic and cardboard.

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