ChargeHub X7 - 7 Port with Bonus USB Car Charger

  • Turns one wall outlet into 7 USB outlets with 2.4 amps each (8.8 amps total)
  • Comes with a car plug too, so each of your 7 children can keep their iPods charged during long road trips
  • “Looks really awesome and cool,” is what you might say if you were from 1999
  • Pop the weird ChargeHub logo out and put something else in
  • Model: CH4R63-HU884-HU884
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Who's In Charge Of The Charge

Hey there! Remember how just yesterday we sold a 3-in-1 charging cable? Well, if you’re looking for something to plug 1-7 of those bad boys into, may we recommend this ChargeHub. Tomorrow, we’ll sell an outlet, the next day some walls, then some ceilings, a few floors, some doors, a yard, and viola, you’ll have built a house starting from the charging cable!

Getting back to the ChargeHub, though, it’s pretty simple: you plug it into the wall, you put it on your desk or nightstand, and now you have 7 USB ports right there at your disposal. Which is much better than how I do things, i.e. the find-an-iPhone-block method, wherein I endlessly swap cables of the same USB-to-outlet charger that came with my phone, settling for half-charged devices because I don’t have the port bandwidth to ensure everything gets what it needs.

And really that’s it. It’s just some USB ports. Like, we could get into the total amps, or the amps per port, or how it’s safety certified, or how it’s “design” won multiple “awards,” but really does any of that stuff matter?

In other words, there’s not much else to do here… but PLAY A GAME! Here’s a quirk of this thing: you can pop the top off and remove the big ugly ChargeHub logo…

…and replace it with whatever you want:

And so @moose has issued a little Photoshop challenge. Using this template, we want to see who can come up with the best (worst? [Best/worst?]) design for the top of the ChargeHub! Post your entries in the comments! Our favorites will get coupon codes. But don’t worry about that! Just design! And buy! Also buy!

(And if you like funny designs on stuff, maybe check out Mediocritee?)

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