Built NY Assorted Bundle

  • Neoprene sleeves for laptops, tablets, and e-readers
  • Random selection of sizes, colors, and patterns in each bundle, no whining
  • Want 10 of these? Or 20? Maybe 30 is your sweet spot
  • We’ll do anything - anything - to get these out of the warehouse and into your house
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How much do we have to pay you to take these?

Now is the time for all good Mehn to come to the aid of our inventory. Here’s the problem: we’ve got too many of these. Way too many. Way, way too goddamn many of these neoprene sons of bitches. And our problems kinda have a way of turning into your problems, too.

It’s not that they’re junk. They’re fine. They’re durable, well-made sleeves for tablets, laptops, and e-readers. Or whatever else you want to carry around in there. Some of the prints aren’t, let’s say, to our taste. But it takes all kinds to make this crazy world go around. Who are we to judge?

So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to take a bath on these just to get them out of our hair. You’re gonna get a randomly-selected shitload for a mere pittance. If one or two meet your needs, you win. Or you can set up a Built NY sleeve booth at the flea market. Or you can cut them up and make a neoprene bikini. We’ll try not to send you two of the same identical bag, but otherwise, sizes and colors are random. Because look how cheap they are.

You want ten? Five bucks. You want twenty? Nine bucks. And check this out: you want thirty? Eight bucks.

That’s right. You take ten extra Built NY sleeves off our hands, we’ll kick you back a dollar. Consider it rent for the space in your home. Consider it a bribe. Consider it whatever you want as long as these fuckers are out of our sight forever.

And if this doesn’t work, well… your next encounter with these bags will be most unlucky.

If you have any doubts, any questions, if there’s anything at all we can say to convince you to buy some of these, please post in the forums. We’ll say whatever it takes.

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