Your Choice: Noise Cancelling Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Originally it was just gonna be the Bose QuietComfort’s today
  • But we decided NO, we need all the big boys of noise-cancelling headphones present
  • Now you’ve got a choice of Bose QuietComfort QC35ii, Sony WHCH700NG, OR Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Pro to choose from
  • Or two or all three if you really want, up to you, I’m probably not your dad
  • More details on each in the specs linked below
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Episode 767: The Noise Killer, Part IV

NOISE KILLER: “Let’s see how you navigate a world without sound!”

NOISE KILLER leaps into the air, spreads arms, dark tendrils flow from sleeves to encase the room. MISHRA stands alone, only thing visible in black backdrop. MISHRA takes deep breath, eyes closed. MISHRA’s eyes reopen, narrowed, and MISHRA takes a defensive stance.

Close-up shot of MISHRA’s eyes, pupils scanning side-to-side. Camera widens to show negative space on right side of MISHRA’s face (MISHRA’s left), focus still on eyes.

Spear tip suddenly materializes in negative space. Time slows 2x, spear thrust toward viewer at diagonal, direct to MISHRA’s head.

Time speeds up, MISHRA dodges spear tip bending head backwards. Camera pulls out, new angle. Spear thrust three more times from right side of screen, MISHRA dodges by moving head again each time, camera angle changes each time. Single lock of hair falls when spear grazes, zoom in.

Zoom out, two seconds no motion. Spear appears on opposite side, single thrust toward MISHRA’s chest. MISHRA turns on left heel, leaning away from spear tip. Once tip has passed, MISHRA grabs spear’s shaft with left hand and kicks toward source with right foot. MISHRA tosses spear to the ground, darkness fades.

NOISE KILLER, disarmed, stumbling backwards from MISHRA in shock.

NOISE KILLER: “Impossible! How?”

Close-up of MISHRA. MISHRA breathes, pushes up glasses from the bridge of his nose with two fingers.

MISHRA: “For the past three months, I’ve been wearing Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.”

Cut-in scenes of Episode 750, JACK vs. NOISE KILLER. Add scene of MISHRA, in bushes wearing poor camouflage, watches with notebook and pencil in-hand.

MISHRA, over previous scene: “I realized while watching your match with Jack that your special move was sound-based, although I didn’t know exactly what it did.”

Cut back to present, slow zoom on MISHRA with serious expression, MISHRA continues.

MISHRA: “So I’ve been training these three months without the sounds of the outside world, only my tunes.”

Shot of NOISE KILLER, breathing angrily.

MISHRA: “If that’s all you’ve got up your sleeve,”

Pull back to show both MISHRA and NOISE KILLER.

MISHRA: “Then you should just give up now.”

Shot returns to NOISE KILLER. Getting control of his breathing, NOISE KILLER laughs and stands straight.

NOISE KILLER: “Oh, I’m just getting started!”

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