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  • Mazes and puzzles and activity books for kids!
  • It’s more fun than school, and more intellectually stimulating than video games
  • Good, wholesome stuff here
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Puzzle This Out

“Malakai, you have a minute?”

“I do if you can call me by my actual title.”

“Ugh. Fine. Malakai The Great Puzzle Master, do you have a minute?”

“Certainly. But nary a second more! For I am just now in throes of creativity, concocting my newest puzzle for the children. The basic premise is this: a cookie shall be granted to one of the three of them. But the catch is, in order to earn the cookie, the child must prove definitively that they dislike cookies. And thus the child who most genuinely does not want the cookie is the only one who shall gain it!”

“Okay, see, this is exactly why I wanted to talk to you. We’re gonna have to let you go.”

“What? Why? You hired me to concoct interesting puzzles for your children. Have I not done so?”

“You have. I guess. Technically. It’s just all of your so-called puzzles are these weird mind games. Like, last week you made the them all cry until they were dehydrated.”

“Ah yes, my famous puzzle, the Bridge of Tears! It teaches an important lesson.”


“That life is but a void, and that your loudest cries shall all be swallowed up by time.”

“Well, the kids were really shaken up by it. And the other one too, with the blindfolds. Tom Jr. keeps asking me over and over again how he’s to know if his hands are real, even when he’s looking straight at them.”

“Ah, my other famous puzzle! Bats in the Oblivion! Teaches that reality is but a thin fabric, an important thing to learn.”

“Our kids are three, five, and seven.”

“It never hurts to learn early one’s own penchant for madness.”

“Actually, we’ve been talking to some child psychologists and it really does hurt. Which is why we’ve decided to let you go and instead invest in some BooKid bundles. With an array of activity books and mazes and puzzles and the like, they’ll provide our children with some good some intellectual stimulation, with more fun and fewer tears than your mind games.”

“Please, stop calling them mind games.”

“What would call them then?”

“Imposed psychological contortions.”

“Okay, that doesn’t sound any less scary.”

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