Bibb Home 6-Piece Ultra Soft Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

  • Antimicrobial so you don’t need to worry about them getting gross and moldy
  • Made of bamboo but soft as silk
  • They also come with these little bag things called “pillowcases”
  • How do they celebrate my favorite 80s-nostalgia-driven Netflix series: they don’t, but you can head over to Mediocritee for that
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Sheet Dreams

Sheet dreams are made of these.

The copywriter blinks, sits back.

That’s good. Really good. In fact, it’s so good that he doesn’t know what to do now. There is so much left to write, yet to do so would be to soil the simple perfection of these six words.

Actually, there is more than “so much” left to write. There is everything left to write. Witty as it may be, this phrase says nothing about the sheets the copywriter has been assigned to describe. Which, by the way, are Rayon from Bamboo Sheets by Bibb Home.

He has not even begun to touch on their elegance. He has done nothing to imply how silky and soft they feel. He has not insinuated that their moisture-wicking construction ensures a cool dry night’s sleep.

And there is nothing hidden within the sentence that would indicate to anyone that these sheets are antimicrobial, making them resistant to dangerous (and also downright icky) bacteria, mold, and dust.

He places his hand on the keyboard, types again:

Sheet dreams are made of these comfortable, eye-catching, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial sheets.

No. Way too much. Delete delete delete. Another attempt.

Dry, mold-free dreams are made of these.

Absolutely not!

He feels like he’s drawing a pair of novelty sunglasses on the Mona Lisa, illustrating a speech bubble from the mouth of Edvard Munch’s famous screamer advertising payday loans.

Really, this might be a wake-up call. Maybe it’s time to change careers, give up the deal sites and move fully into a lucrative marketing career for a bedding company. He has a vision of himself on a rooftop deck of some skyscraper, popping champagne, a group of his colleagues toasting the corporate slogan he’s conceived of, one which the analysts have determined will certainly double their earnings for the year.

The copywriter cuts the phrase out of the document, determined to preserve it. Absent-mindedly, though, he pastes it in the search bar of his browser, hits enter.


Maybe not as original as he thought.

Guess he’ll have to stick with the deal copy for now.

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