What Are You Reading?

ChadP thought this was worth mentioning said

So. What are you reading?

In 2020, I decided to stop listening to podcasts and start focusing on audiobooks. I went from averaging 1 book a year to reading over 50 a year for the last 2 years, and well on my way for this year. And yes, I consider audiobooks reading books. It has increased my number of actual books sat down and read as well.

Anyway, I just read The Terminal List. It’s a weird little action book that is actually now an Amazon Prime series that dropped today. I’ll be honest, I was really conflicted over the book. The action was good. The story was neat. It gets a little in the weeds on some things that didn’t interest me. But I’m probably going to watch the show as a result, just to see how they pull it off.

So. What are you reading? Drop you recommendations. Let me know if you want to know what I read. I’m all over the map, so.