Bibb Home 6-Piece Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

  • Soft as all hell
  • Or, not as hell
  • Hell? Likely not soft
  • But these are!
  • Model: 5H33T-H1T-TH3-F4N
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Get Sheet Done

You should buy this set of sheets. You know why? Well, there’s the obvious reason: they’re as soft and comfortable as they are handsome. They wick moisture away, too, so you don’t have to worry about waking up in a cold sweat. Plus, there’s just something nice about new sheets, right? Like, those old sheets you have are fine but they’re not pristine like these.

But really, the best reason to buy these sheets is that they’ll make you feel more accomplished.

Look, we get it. Not everyone can metabolize this time into something productive. For every sourdough-baking, language-learning, King Lear writer, there’s a thousand others who have been eating frozen pizza in their pajamas on the couch watching Netflix for eleven months straight. If you’re one of those people, you could probably use a little ego boost right about now. So buy a set of sheets, slap it on the bed, and guess what, you’ve done A LOT.

For example:

  • These sheets are likely a different color than other sheets in your collection, even if only by a shade. And so, you can say you’ve redecorated your bedroom.

  • Redecorating? Does that mean you’ve learned some interior design skills?

  • Wait, interior? As in, inside your house? Yes! Also, these new sheets, based solely on their newness, are better than your old sheets. That’s an improvement. Inside your house. Which means you just did a little home improvement.

  • And, going back to what we were saying before, about the comfort, the softness, the wicking of the moisture–that all adds up to a good night of sleep. Which, by the way, is a state of restfulness. And so you could argue that, by sleeping better, you’ve engaged in some deep meditation.

See? You’ve done ALL THAT! You’re so productive!

In fact, you must be tired. We think you’ve earned yourself a nap all wrapped up in these nice new sheets!

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