What's shaking?


Oh, it’s us.

5.7 magnitude earthquake just west of Salt Lake City at 7:09 this morning. No injuries (other than my knee, from diving under the desk), and minimal property damage. The SLC airport is closed though.

The epicenter was just a few miles from work. We felt it as rapid, sharp, violent jarring. It knocked small debris out of the rafters, but didn’t knock anything off of the benches or shelves, at least in my area. For a moment, my brain had a little trouble figuring out what was happening. Then I dove under the desk.

After the first few minutes of aftershocks, the evacuation alarm was triggered, and after milling around in the parking lot for a while, they decided to send us home. There’s a lot of interesting things used in various processes, from natural gas and hydrogen, to cyanide, so it makes a lot of sense to evacuate and check for damage.

My wife said it was more of a rolling feeling at home. She thought I was crawling back into bed, but nobody was there. A few things jumped off of shelves, and one landed on her keyboard, and entered a password about a mile long.

At 9am they were calling us back into work for noon. At 10am they told us to stay home.