Asus mATX Gaming Motherboard with Aura Sync RGB LED Lighting (Refurbished)

  • It’s the mother of all boards!
  • Supports some Intel® stuff
  • Features an Intel® B365 chipset
  • What would be great is if you just read the specs and told us if this is good
  • Model: M0THR4804RD
  • Ok, f’real Model, since this is something you may want to look up: 90MB11P0-MVAAY1-R
  • These are refurbished by Asus, and come with a 90 day Asus warranty, so you know, they’re good
  • And while we’re at it, official Product Name: ASUS TUF B365M-PLUS Gaming Intel LGA 1151 mATX Motherboard DDR4
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Board To Your Mother

Computers are a lot like food if you think about it.

You know when you order out, and you’re like, “Oh wow! This is amazing! There’s no way I could ever make something like this in the comfort of my own home!”? But then, you look up the recipe and low and behold, not only is that dish you just paid $25 for super easy and actually pretty fun to make, but you could cook about 15 portions for that much if you just bought the ingredients and did it yourself?

Well, the same goes for computers. That fancy looking desktop computer with a cool logo on the outside? You could probably build something that powerful, if not more so, for way less money, and it might even give you a sense of satisfaction.

And if you choose to build your own computer, you’re going to need a motherboard. Like this one. Think of it as the starter for the digital sourdough loaf that is your future desktop PC. Except there will be way more fragging than with a sourdough loaf. Because this is a gaming motherboard.

Look, real talk? There’s a good chance that a bunch of you out there know anywhere between 10% and 3000% more about any of this stuff than me, a mere copywriter. So I’m lucky that reviewers on Amazon had my back, giving this thing a stellar 4.6 out of 5, and saying things like:

Beautiful board, works great, good for overclocking, I have a 1080ti 8gb OC gpu, an i5 9600f and 32 gb of Corsair vengeance ram, seamless performance and my liquid cooling loop keeps everything nice and cool, the aura led on the board makes everything look so much better


Excellent board for 8-9th gen processors. 2 x PCI x16 slots, it has it all. I dont use it for gaming but it has all of the features i need. Never an issue i have bought several of them.


En general es un buen producto, aunque por el precio actualmente puedes comprar una placa base Z390 de entrada, sin embargo elegí este placa por su confiabilidad y formato mATX, además no necesito realizar overlock. Algo que tiene que tomar en cuenta es el tamaño de esta placa ya que por ejemplo, es mas grande que una ASUS prime b365m-A.

Yes, that last review is in Spanish. No, I don’t speak Spanish. But honestly, I understand it about as well as the other ones. So, hey if you know about motherboards and stuff, please do me a favor and hop in the forum to help the less tech savvy shoppers out.

Meanwhile, I’ll stick to the food metaphors.

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