Aquasonic Pro Series Toothbrush

  • 40,000 vibrations per minute? That’s a lot of vibrations
  • 4 modes: “Clean”, “Soft”, “Whiten” and “Massage”
  • We’re told all the modes are for teeth only, sorry
  • Comes with 6 brush heads and a cool glass charging thing
  • Model: PDC-AQUA-PRO, the PDC stands for “Pretty Dope Charger,” because seriously, it’s rad
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Profesh AF

The word ‘Pro’ is often affixed to a product’s name as a way of indicating that it’s ‘serious’ or ‘good.’ But when it comes to this Aquasonic toothbrush, ‘Pro’ isn’t just an empty superlative. It means it’s the preferred toothbrush among professional competitive tooth brushers. Like me, Chet Harvley, the #1 ranked brusher in the world.

I’ve scrubbed enamel all over the globe. At the Cape Town Invitational, where I took home the gold, they had to do tests to make sure I hadn’t replaced my chompers with a set of pearls. That’s how smooth they were. And at the Frankfurt Open, the brightness of my teeth literally blinded one of the judges.

At the Osaka Cup, I took 2nd place to Jimmins Nitzwitzki. I couldn’t figure out how he’d topped me until an investigative reporter discovered he’d undergone an illegal wisdom tooth surgery and was barred from competition. I got my trophy in them mail. Anticlimactic? Sure, but you take what you can get in this game.

And when it comes to brush sponsorships, I can get just about anything. Every week, it’s a new prototype from some toothbrush made of gold, some toothbrush with lasers to scan the contours of my teeth and gums, some toothbrush that’s just an orb I place in my mouth, where it expands, bringing about a “near holy level of oral cleanliness.”

And sure, they’re cool. (Except that last one. I tried it in my home in Miami and woke up three days later somewhere in the Atacama Desert.) But I still choose the Aquasonic Pro over all of them. It’s capable of an industry leading 40,000 vibrations per minute, has 4 modes (“Clean”, “Soft”, “Whiten” and “Massage”), and comes with 6 adaptive brush heads, a travel case, and a cool charger that’s basically a glass you put the brush in.

And now, you too could have the brush I use! For just $35!

Although, maybe not the exact model. Mine has some sanctioned mods that make it so powerful that it can brush a tooth right off if I’m not careful. But still, you get the point.

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