Anker Soundcore Life Note True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

  • One charge gives you 7 hours of playtime
  • With your case, you’ve got 40 hours of playtime
  • 2 mics in each earbud with “beamforming noise reduction and cVc 8.0 technology” makes calls clearAF
  • IPX5-rated protection, so you don’t need to worry about a little drizzle or sweat shorting them out
  • Are they Mac compatible: Sure! They even look vaguely like a Mac product
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Not AirPods (But Still Good)

So, the design of these Anker Soundcore Life Note True Wireless Stereo Earbuds is, at least, somewhat intended to resemble AirPod Pros. I’m not crazy here, right? That’s the general shape they’re going for?

Because, if I’m honest, I think that’s kinda lame. Why? Because I think AirPods are kinda lame.

And let me be clear, I say this as an Apple loyalist. I’m writing this on a MacBook Air that’s about a decade old. Or, to put it differently: it’s now lived for as long as about 6 Toshibas. I have an iPhone. I have an iPad. I don’t have an Apple Watch but they seem rad, and I’m sure, in the future, when there’s some sort of special bundle offered, I’ll get one.

But I have zero interest in AirPods. Similarly, I’m not going to buy a pair of Bugatti roller skates or Louis Vuitton insoles. Because with certain products, there’s a ceiling of how good they can possibly be, and earbuds are one of those products.

You can tell me about drivers. You can tell me about bass. You can tell me about all sorts of things. I don’t care. That stuff matters for speakers or big over-the-ear headphones. But earbuds are tiny. They’re literally held in place by the shape of your ear canal. You shove them in and they accrue earwax while playing podcasts for your jog or commute.

What I’m saying is, there are no such things as excellent earbuds. There are earbuds that try and convince you they’re excellent, with impressive-sounding specifications and branding. But the truth is, you’re going to spend 10 times as much for those earbuds as you would for these very solid Ankers to get 1.25 times the sound quality.

And so Anker shouldn’t be stooping this low! They don’t need to emulate “cool” brands! Because they are a cool brand themselves. No, maybe they’re not Apple or Bose or Beats or whatever, but you have to admit, there’s something refreshing about a company that nonchalantly churns out very good stuff. Like comfortable, reliable earbuds with excellent battery life, great sound, and a reasonable price tag. So why steal the AirPod shape? It’s not necessary!

Then again, the design choice doesn’t really matter all that much. After all, you don’t have to look at them when they’re in your ears. So maybe I’m overreacting.

Anyway, get some earbuds. They’re reasonably priced and good!

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