Aerothotic Womens Original or Platform Sandals

  • Open like sandals; durable like shoes
  • They have actual arch support
  • A few different styles, a bunch of different colors
  • Model: 54ND4L0U5
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Built Like Actual Footwear

It’s not sandal season anymore.

At least, not for many of us. Sure, there are places here and there where sandal season goes on indefinitely, and even those of us who live in the parts of the country that experience true seasons still probably have one or two warm days on the horizon. Then, obviously, it’s warm enough inside to wear sandals for at least another couple weeks.

But still, the point stands: for a large portion of us, late October is not the time for sandals.

But here’s the thing: you’re not buying these for you. Or, we should say, you’re not buying these for the current you; you’re buying them for the you… OF THE FUTURE!

Seriously, think about the satisfaction you’ll feel come that first warm April day in 2022 when you don’t have to go sandal shopping, and you don’t have to dig out the ratty pair from last year that’s been worn so thin you can feel each individual grain of sand through them as you walk along the beach.

And you know what else? The transition from closed to open toes (and then back again in the fall) will be smoother than usual with these. Because they’re built like shoes. As in, they’re durable as all hell, and they have actual arch support. That means your feet won’t be flattening and shaping up and flattening and shaping up over and over again with the changing of the seasons.

So get yourself some of these sandals now for a good price; we’ve got four different styles, each in a bunch of different colors. And then take them, put them in the closet, and don’t think about them again until the thermometer ticks above 65, when they’ll be a pleasant surprise.

Or, for those who live in one of those places that experiences a perpetual summer, buy them now and wear them now, you ABSOLUTE JERKS.

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