97-Piece Art Set: Includes Craft Paint, Canvas Panels and Brushes

  • You get 60 2oz bottles of craft paint from some pretty good brands
  • You get 25 brushes from another good brand
  • You get 12 8"x10" canvas panels from that same good brand
  • They couldn’t throw in 3 more brushes or paints or whatever to make this an even 100 pieces?
  • Model: WH3R3-4RT-TH0U
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Paint Hungry

Ninety-seven pieces? That’s a lot of pieces! Which means, you’ll have more than enough great stuff to let your creativity go wild.

Maybe you’re a seasoned painter looking to re-up your supplies. Then this set is for you. Or maybe you were artistic when you were younger, and you’d like to get back into it. Then this set is for you too!

Or heck, maybe you’ve never painted a thing in your life. Then you definitely need this! Because painting is really therapeutic. It can help you when you’re feeling sad. And it can help you when you’re feeling mad. And it can help you when you’re feeling hungry.

Yes, you read that right; painting is a great thing to do when you’re hungry! How do you think we got such great works of art as:

  • Napoleon Crossing the Scallops
  • Whistler’s Pho-ther
  • American Brot-hic
  • The Starry Bite
  • Washington Crossing the Deli-ware
  • A Hot Cross Bun-day Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
  • The P’Zone-a Lisa
  • The Persistence of Memo-brie
  • Crostini’s World
  • The Storm flan the Sea of Galilee

Are we proud of these puns? Absolutely not. But we are proud to offer this great set, with all the canvases, brushes, and paint you need to start (or continue) making beautiful (or not so beautiful) art!

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