96-Pack: Daelmans Original Caramel Stroopwafels OR 64-Pack: Jumbo Stroopwafels

  • Stroopwafels are delicious dutch treats (as you already know)
  • And we’ve got the O.G. Daelmans stroops recipe originated in 1904
  • Choose between a 96-pack of normal-sized stroops in caramel, or a 64-pack of the jumbos in honey or maple
  • Need some inspiration on how to eat them? (Yeah right!) Check this out to really indulge
  • Favorite rapper: Meek (Wind)Mill
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So Much Dutch

There is a thrill to new things, an excitement in something you haven’t seen before.

For proof of this, look no further than the write-up from the first time we sold (a different brand of) stroopwafels:

This time I am not fucking around. No sir. I have set an alarm for 11pm central, Monday night, so I don’t miss it. Which means, by the time you are reading this sentence, I will have already purchased somewhere between 24 and 72 stroopwafels. That’s how seriously I want these damn things.

Now, obviously, there’s some context here. This was the end of April 2020, a weird month, and so you can forgive the enthusiasm of a copywriter (me) desperate for something to celebrate. But also, I was truly pumped. Because I love stroopwafels. And so I was excited to click a few buttons and get a whole truckload of them delivered to my front step.

Fast forward a couple years, and what do you see? Mini-chocolate stroopwafels ending a miraculous 7-day sellout streak.

So, what happened? Were stroopwafels actually bad all along?


(Well, the mini chocolate ones might have been. It’s like, Daelmans, you make cookies. Nobody is asking you to innovate.)

What happened is we offered them fairly often so they got less exciting. It just isn’t such a novelty anymore to get an enormous box of the same treats you might enjoy on select Continental flights. But the stroops themselves? They’re still the same chewy, caramel-y, warm-em-over-your-coffee-y treats you’ve always loved! (Although, once again, just to clarify, these are the basic ones, not the weird ones written up in TechCrunch or wherever that come with a big dose of fiber.)

So let’s all try this: let’s pretend we’re back at the beginning! Let’s pretend ordering stroops online is as fun as it once was! Let’s pretend it’s April 2020 all over again!

Wait, no. Gross. Let’s not do that, actually.

But do buy the cookies, okay?

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