96-Pack: Daelmans Original Caramel Individually Wrapped Stroopwafels

  • Genuinely Dutch stroopwafels from Daelmans
  • (Daelmans is really the only company you should trust with your stroopwafel needs)
  • These stroops can be used to make this delicious apple pie recipe
  • Sweet, chewy, and delicious
  • You get 96 1-ounce 3.1" stroops
  • Did they vote: No, they’re cookies! They can’t vote. But YOU can.
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Deliciously Dutch

A stroopwafel is a special thing. For most people, it’s the kind of random treat that you run across in a gift basket now and then but don’t necessarily think about otherwise.

But if that’s your only experience with these delicious Dutch delicacies, we’ve got to say—you’re missing out. Having a few stroopwafels a year just doesn’t give you a full appreciation for their genuine everyday snackability.

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that whether or not you get to have one of these in a given day doesn’t need to be left up to the fickle stroopwafel whims of office Secret Santa grab bags or above-average airplane snacks. That’s because we’re not only going to hook you up with stroopwafels, but we’re going to hook you up with almost 100 at a time.

Get 96 of these awesomely wonderful circle treats delivered right to your door and be the tasty snack basket you wish to see in the world.

You know…next time, maybe. Because while you’re reading down to the end of this write-up like you have all the time in the world, a horde of stroopwafel diehards were busy buying these up hand over fist. This is why you need to keep your credit card info saved, people.

Either way, scroll your ass back up to the top and see if you can pick the tasty Dutch carcass of our beleaguered inventory. You might get lucky. And if not, there’s always next time.

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