Daelmans Jumbo Caramel Stroopwafels

  • 96 stroopwafels
  • But wait, they’re HUGE!!!
  • And by huge, we mean they’re 1.38oz each, rather than 1oz like before
  • More cookie, same delicious taste
  • They “expire” in January, but we believe in you
  • Model: FL3W-TH3-5TR00P
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Jumbo Concerns

What you already know

That stroopwafels are delicious Dutch treats created in Gouda, Holland by some bakers who had a bunch of scraps and crumbs laying around and were like, “You know, we could just throw this all away, or we could sweeten it up with some syrup and create an iconic cookie that’ll eventually become the highlight of cross continental air travel.”

Basically, each one consists of two super thin waffled cookies with caramel in the middle. They’re not crispy; they’re actually pretty chewy and malleable. A lot of people like to place them overtop a cup of coffee before eating them, so that the warmth liquifies the caramel just a little bit, resulting in an even tastier delicacy. But they’re good fresh out of the packaging too.

What you need to know

That while these are the same traditional recipe stroopwafels we sold the last few times (not to be confused the slightly more new age-y, fiber-rich ones we sold the few times before that), they are jumbo size. What does that mean? That these are 1.38 ounces, whereas the other ones were only an ounce.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like much more stroopwafel, but consider this: if you increased a 2,000 square foot house by the same margin as adding .38 ounces to a stroopwafel, that would result in an additional 760 square feet, which is likely enough to add a modest two bedroom apartment that you could rent out to cover a hefty chunk of your mortgage.

In other words, .38 more ounces is a POWERFUL increase in stroopwafel.

What you can’t possibly know yet

How the added size will impact your consumption. Will that extra near half-ounce per cookie inspire you to cut yourself off after eating just one or two? Or is it not nearly enough to change how many total cookies you eat, thus increasing your total stroop-intake by 38% per eating session?

What you should do

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