95-Piece Art Set: Includes Craft Paint, Canvas Panels, and Brushes

  • 60 paints, 25 brushes, and 10 canvases, all in one bundle
  • Basically, it’s everything you need to start (or continue) painting
  • Isn’t it nice when someone else does the gathering for you?
  • Model: P41NT-1T-TH3-TRUTH
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Arty On, Wayne

So, here’s how this write-up was going to go:

We were going to open with a brief statement about how great bundles like this are for amateur artists. Sure, they might be great for serious artists too, if said serious artists happen to use all of these exact supplies. But the real benefit is in giving people who’ve always wanted to try painting the chance to spend neither too much time nor too much money shopping around for all the various things they need to get started.

Because the more time or money it takes just to get to the starting line, the less likely you are to actually, you know, follow through and do the thing.

So, that’s how the write-up was going to start. And that part actually still works.

But then we were going to say: “The only things you need are some original ideas for paintings.” And we were going to give you some ideas, only the ideas were all going to be terrible and stupid.

But then we realized, that’s the exact concept of a New Yorker humor piece by the great Jack Handey. For only half the credit and “approximately all the money” the mastermind behind Deep Thoughts offers such great painting ideas as “Stampede of Nudes” and “Untitled” (which can be whatever you want, as long as it’s good and you put Jack Handey’s name on it).

So we couldn’t do that.

But hey, we thought, no big deal! We’ll alter the idea a little. Instead of making them really silly and bad, we’ll make them way too descriptive and intricate. Like, stuff you couldn’t possibly capture on a canvas.

But then we realized: wait, that’s basically the concept of another great humor piece, “Sweet Ass Ice Sculptures I’m Going To Make With A Chainsaw Someday,” in which author Matthew Duverne Hutchinson leads us through a number of impossible ice sculptures that he’d like to, well, make with a chainsaw one day.

So we couldn’t do that either.

And to think the whole thing was going to be that you need help from us coming up with original ideas. Ugh.

But anyway, it’s a good art set! You should get it!

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