9-Pack: Paincakes Stickable Reusable Cold Packs

  • You get 3 big ones and 6 littler ones
  • Peel off the cover and stick it to the part of you in pain
  • When you’re done, reapply the cover and put it back in the freezer
  • Favorite week of the Great British Bakeoff: Cake week, duh (but also bread week, or, as the French call it ‘pain week’)
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A Season of Pain

The other day, in anticipation of an incoming snowstorm that would keep me inside (or at least off the trails) for a few days, I went for the longest run I’ve taken in probably two years. Needless to say, I felt a bit sore the next morning.

Now, the storm is over, so it’s time for snow removal. Only, the storm started with a few hours of freezing rain followed by big flakes. The result is wet, heavy snow that will be a real pain in the ass to shovel. Or, more likely, a pain in the back.

Also, it’s the kind of snow that’s hard to fully pick up. Unless you use an irresponsible amount of salt, there will still be some left on the sidewalk. It doesn’t look like the temperature is going to get too high above freezing for the next week or two. The sun will soften the slush during the day. At night, it’ll refreeze. That means slick, treacherous sidewalks.

All of this is to say, winter is replete with opportunities for over-exertion and pain.

So maybe it’s a good time to buy some of these Paincakes.

Here’s how they work: you put them in the freezer. Then, when you need an icepack, you can take one out, peel off the cover, and stick it to whatever part of you could use a little pain relief. And it’ll stay there. You don’t have to hold it. You don’t have to wrap it. It stays put all on its own. (And they seem to stick really well if you believe the Amazon reviews we looked at one of the other times we sold these things.) When you’re done, you can just reapply the cover and put the Paincake back in the freezer.

In other words, they’re the perfect thing to have on hand, whether you’re training for a triathlon, or you slipped on some ice in the grocery store parking lot, managed to stay upright, and tweaked your back in the process.

So get some!

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