5-Pack: Paincakes Stickable Reusable Cold Packs (3x Large, 2x Mini)

  • You get 2 big packs and 3 mini ones
  • Peel the label and stick them to whatever part of you hurts
  • They can stick to your skin or over your clothes
  • Oh, freeze them first; that’s a big part of it
  • Can they make margaritas: no, but they can help with the bumps and bruises that occur when you’ve had a few too many margaritas
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Stick It On

What’s the main selling point with these?

Well, for a writer like me, it’s the name. Paincakes? That’s friggin’ great, right? And now I’ve wasted upwards of an hour trying to come up with something that sounds like painful breakfast food. I’ve only been able to think of one: eggs kicked in the (bene)dict. Not even remotely as good as Paincakes!

But, for everyone else, it’s gotta be the sticky part. After all, there are a million cold packs out there, but Paincakes has decided to build their sales pitch around their product’s ability to stick to whatever part of you hurts so you don’t have to wrap it or hold it. You just take one out of the freezer, peel the label, and slap it on. It can even re-stick up to 100 times (as long as you’re putting it on clean, dry skin).

So, that sounds pretty rad, right? But you gotta wonder: are they for real?

The answer, looking at the Amazon reviews for larger Paincake, is a resounding ‘hell yes.’

Sarah J starts their review saying:

I ordered this cold pack for my frequent migraines. It is big enough to cover my entire forehead, which is nice. I love that it sticks, so it’s not sliding off my head as well.

Rose W echoes this sentiment:

This really does stick to your skin well and stay in place. I have been using it on a painful elbow and even though I move the elbow a bit the gel patch doesn’t come off.

Nzingha, meanwhile, includes a video in their review, so you can see just how sticky it is in action.

In conclusion, they live up to their claim. And so, if you’re dealing with some aches and pains, grab a few of these and stick them wherever it hurts!

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