Digitizing music


I’ve done most of my CDs, have soundtracks and C&W left to do (about a shelf and a half). It’s pretty basic.

enter image description here

Now I want to do these. They’ve been in this closet since we moved in back in 1986. Brian had reinforced the shelf so it wouldn’t break from the weight. I don’t even know what’s there. I used to buy a lot of albums (two vinyl warehouses down the street from work - what else is there to do at lunch away from the office?).

enter image description here

I ordered one of these things from Amazon. I do have an ION turntable I bought on Woot a thousand years ago that I’ve never used, but I figured I’d get a new, updated model. It looks easy enough to disconnect and put away after each use.


So, what big plans do you have for a rest of your life project? lol…